WeddingMarkit aims to make the crazy wedding process a whole lot easier, by letting you instantly reserve the services of some of New Zealand's top wedding vendors.



With WeddingMarkit, you're able to instantly reserve the services of some of New Zealand's top wedding vendors. Here's how:


How does WeddingMarkit work?

Once I reserve a vendor's services, does the selected date become 'mine'?

The vendor will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your reservation, and organise the rest of the booking (for example, a time for you to tour a venue site, or to meet up with your vendor to discuss which package you'd like to go for). After 10 days, the vendor will organise payment for their services.

3. Reservation confirmed

Select the date you'd like, and proceed to reserve. You're required to accept an agreement in order to reserve your booking. 

2. Choose date, then reserve

Browse through 'Vendors', or select the deal you'd like to go with. 

1. Browse vendors

How does the free 10-day cancellation work?

Occasionally, you might reserve a vendor only to realise that their particular service isn't right for you. That's okay.


With WeddingMarkit, you're able to freely cancel your reservation within 10 days of making the reservation.

To do so, you simply click 'cancel reservation' on the confirmation email that you received when you reserved your vendor within 10 days of booking and we'll get that processed for you.  

For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


Yes. Once you've gone through the reservation process, your selected date will then be greyed out, so others will no longer be able to select it.

However, the vendor has the right to revoke your reservation, should they not receive payment by their specified timeframe which may result in the date being re-listed. This varies by vendor, so please refer to 'Vendor's Booking Terms' on their WeddingMarkit page for more information.


I'm not sure what package to go for yet. Should I still reserve the date with WeddingMarkit?

Absolutely. If you're not sure yet which package you'd like, simply complete your WeddingMarkit reservation to reserve the date. The vendor will then contact you within 24 hours - so you can meet up, or have a chat with them about which of their packages would work best for you.


Can I change the reservation I made on one date to another?

You can, provided the date you wish to change it to is available. To do so, you'll need to reserve the date you'd like to change to, and then contact us so we can identify and cancel the reservation on the date you had previously purchased. please contact immediately and we'll update that and notify the vendor of the change.


I'm unable to select the date I want with my vendor. Why?

If the date you wish to book with a vendor is unable to be selected, it is because this date has already been booked. Please choose another date, or select a different vendor who has this date available.


I have a question to ask a vendor. How can I contact them?

The vendor will contact you after reserving your date with WeddingMarkit, and then discuss the finer details of your reservation, package options etc. You are able to cancel your reservation within 10 days.

Alternatively, you can redirect to their website and contact them from there.



How do I cancel my reservation?

Easy. Simply click 'cancel my reservation' on the confirmation email that you received when you made your reservation within 10 days of reservation and we'll get that processed for you. Alternatively, you can contact the vendor directly.


How long do I have to cancel my reservation?

You have 10 days after booking to cancel your reservation. This is to give you enough time for the vendor to contact you and finalise exactly what package you're after, give you a tour of a venue, meet up with a photographer etc. After that, you risk losing your reservation.


I need to cancel my reservation, and my 10-day free cancellation period has expired. What should I do?

In the unforseen circumstance that you need to cancel your booking after the 10-day free cancellation period has expired, contact your vendor immediately to let them know, and they'll contact us to re list the cancelled date and your reservation will be cancelled.



What are WeddingMarkit's Terms of Service?

You can read them here.


What are my vendor's booking terms & conditions?

The vendor's booking terms are located on each vendor's profile page. However each vendor will have their own specific terms for you to read through and accept before organising payment with them after you complete your WeddingMarkit reservation, detailing things like use of a venue, travel costs, etc.